Our expertise is mail communication. Depend on Shakespeare to get your mailings out fast, at the lowest postal rates, and with a look that presents you
in the best possible way for...

Integrated Services

  • INSERTING machine & hand
  • PRESORT for Lowest Postage
  • EDDM Every Door Direct Mail

Why Mail?

  • Advertising
  • Website Promotion
  • Public Relations
  • Business Development
  • Invoicing/Statements
  • Fund Raising
  • Client/Member Communication
  • Newsletters/Brochures/Postcards
  • Fulfillment

The sophistication of today's mail marketing means there is no better time to acheive the results you desire.  Your current customers will respond favorably to a message that gets hand delivered to their mailbox, and new customers are easy to find with rented mailing lists that can surgically target any type of consumer or business based on almost any criteria needed.  The cost for quality printing is at lowest levels ever, and the huge postal savings from presort discounts usually pay for the cost of the services we provide.

No company can dispute the power of digital marketing, but physical advertisements like direct mail and print ads have unique qualities that make them an important part of any organization's marketing mix. Research has shown that people spend more time engaged with physical as compared to digital advertisements, they show more desire for a product seen in print and are more stimulated by physical ads than by their digital counterparts.

Printed materials have a more pronounced emotional effect on consumers. For advertising with long-lasting impact and easy recollection, a physical ad simply has more psychological influence.

Mailing Made Easy