Shakespeare opened in 1987 with the goal of helping actors to market themselves, hence our name.  Our team of talent marketing consultants served to two to three dozen actors every day in our Times Square office. One client was helping actor Paul Newman to do a fund raiser mailing and landed us the job which was much larger than what we had ever handled.  Our eyes were opened to new opportunities, and that's when we expanded into business mail lettershop services which is our bread and butter today.  

At Your Service


The Shakespeare Difference

Shakespeare has the manpower, equipment, knowledge and organization to complete every project reliably. Most jobs are at the post office 2-4 business days after we receive the list and materials. Guaranteed 2-day and next day service is available. Jobs enter the production schedule as they arrive. Advance arrangements and contract agreements assure fastest turnaround. Variables in material type, material size, quantity and procedures (folding, inserting, addressing, wafer seal, file maintenance, handwork, etc.) can affect the time required to complete any job.